Aucerna Supports Our
Communities Around The Globe

We aim to be a force for positive change, by serving both the oil and gas industry and the communities in which we live. From employee volunteerism to community development to company investments, Aucerna is committed to making a difference. Below are some of the causes we believe in. We encourage you to learn more about these organizations.

Our Community Work

As a global company, Aucerna community work focuses on 4 areas:

  1. Feeding the World
  2. Educating the World
  3. Giving Children a Chance

Houston Food Bank
Hunger Games

The Houston Food Bank Hunger Games is a two-week competition between organizations of all sizes to raise meals by donating time, food, and funds. Aucerna volunteers as a team to raise thousands of meals for the community.   Learn more -->

Ecobot Challenge

Being involved with software development ourselves, Aucerna recognizes the importance of encouraging development and programming within the community. We are proud to sponsor a team of bright students each year who participate in the All-Earth Ecobot Challenge    Learn More -->.

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Adopt A Family
Houston Children's Charity

Adopt A Family allows Aucerna to locally sponsor families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to open gifts during the holiday season.  We get the privilege of personally shopping for and hand-delivering gifts to the children we sponsor.   Learn more --> 


YYC Tech Gives works in support of the Calgary Food bank, and to date has donated more than $470,000. There are currently 30 tech companies that work in support of this charity by participating in fundraising events held throughout the year.   Learn more -->

World Vision
Promise Pack

The World Vision Promise Pack project is an initiative to further education for children in communities where there is a desire to learn, but a lack in supplies to do so due to extreme poverty.   Learn more -->

We Love
World Vision

By providing the very tools children need to learn, World Vision helps alter the path of their lives and break the cycle of poverty and lack of education for the next generation.   Learn more -->

Chic Geek
Annual Geeky Summit

Aucerna is proud to sponsor the Chic Geek summit in Calgary, which brings together inspirational speakers from across North America and provide hands-on, practical workshops so attendees can walk away with the motivation and tools to start changing the world through technology. heir main focus is to see more women as makers, builders and creators, leveraging technology to change the world.   Learn more -->


Beakerhead's mandate is advancing education at the crossroads of art, science and engineering. Young people have typically been streamed into choosing either technical OR creative occupations, but Beakerhead believes that it is precisely at this intersection that ingenuity lives.   Learn more -->