Fully Integrated, Budgeting & Forecasting
AFE Management, Operational Scheduling & Readiness Workflows

Aucerna Execute is industry leading capital management and well delivery planning software. It features completely integrated  budgeting, capital forecasting, capital tracking, AFE management, operational scheduling, well data lifecycle management, and readiness workflows, all combined within one advanced web based platformManage the entire lifecycle of your well delivery program with the industry’s only all-in-one solution


Capital Management 


Ensure your capital spending is aligned with your budget, with integrated budgeting, forecastingexpenditure approval workflows, and real time tracking. Ensure all stakeholders are informed and stay on top of your costs with Aucerna Executes integrated capital management capabilities.


Well Delivery 


Aucerna Execute well delivery workflows help ensure the successful delivery of your development plans. It features integrated data management, readiness tracking and operational scheduling, all connected to ensure your projects are successful, on time and on budget. 

Integrated Workflows

Budgeting & Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting

Aucerna Execute connects planning, operations and finance teams to ensure all stakeholders have timely access to accurate and up to date capital spending data. It simplifies and automates re-forecasting projects, to ensure an evergreen view of project spending, and automatically blends actuals and field estimates into forecasts, so project stakeholders always know exactly where they stand.  

Reduce cost overruns and maximize asset value with a complete and accurate picture of capital spending.   

Build and maintain capital budgets, linked to your long range plan instantly reforecast projects, steward your projects towards the budget, and perform easy project lookbacks. Build and maintain capital budgets linked to your long-range plan. 

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AFE Management

AFE ManagementAucerna Execute streamlines the entire AFE process, from creation to approval, resulting in faster approvals, reduced cost overruns, and complete control of capital project spending. Aucerna Execute's AFE Management (formerly AFE Nav™) is the industry’s leading AFE management platform. It is a complete AFE workflow and capital tracking system that supports your compliance efforts and ensures that AFEs are always approved by the right people.

Today, more than one hundred companies and thousands of teams employ Aucerna Execute to manage billions of dollars of AFEs. Our customers have seen AFE approval times shortened by up to 75%. 

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Well Data and Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Integration

Aucerna execute provides your stakeholders with one consolidated, accessible and secure source of truth for your well data. Powerful permissions management gives authorized users the necessary information they need to keep your operations moving. 

Configurable views ensure that your teams are spending less time looking for information they needwhile automated data validation eliminates errors, manual validation and tedious clean up tasks, saving time and increasing the reliability of your well data. 

Aucerna execute replaces unsecure, error prone spreadsheets floating around from department to department with a single, centralized and secure solution that also includes full change tracking. Its flexible workflow engine ensures that the right information is captured, by the right person, at the right time ensuring that you always have the best available information close at hand. Learn More.

Operational Scheduling

Enterprise Integration

Operational Scheduling eliminates the need for department specific schedules, reducing schedule clashes and improving the overall execution of your capital projects. The Aucerna Execute Operational Scheduling module does away with manual schedule reconciliation, automates time-consuming schedule validation steps and ensures that everyone is operating on the same information.  

Simplify the management of your near-term schedule, align functional teams and give everyone the information they need to plan and react efficiently with the Aucerna Execute Operational Scheduling Module. Avoid time consuming, and error prone, manual reconciliation between multiple schedules. Build and manage drilling, completion, land, facility, schedules and more from a single location.  

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Enterprise Wide

Aucerna Execute features tools to facilitate seamless enterprise integration to other business processes, eliminating the need for redundant data entry and reducing the possibility of introducing errors. Our approach means Aucerna Execute data can be integrated with:

Your Accounting Software

SAP™, JDE™, QByte™, Envision™, Excalibur™, Bolo™ and others. Export approved AFEs to the accounting system to avoid redundant data entry. Import actual costs to provide visibility into spending.

Drilling & Well Management Systems

WellView™, PetroSight™, and in-house well management systems. Share up-to-date AFE information, pull well header information from master well lists, and import field estimates.

Asset Development

Integrate your Budget with your Enersight™ asset development program to ensure alignment between operations and planning teams.

Open Database

Our documented and open database means you always have access to your data.

And More

Aucerna Execute contains a comprehensive set of integration tools to simplify connections with any system. These tools include a full set of APIs, database level synchronizations, OData, and a powerful real-time event messaging system.

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Aucerna Execute provides a niche solution unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I have been looking for years. I wouldn’t want to work somewhere that didn’t have it because it brings the company together “singing from the same song sheet”. Once established and set up it literally “runs itself” and requires minimal maintenance throughout the year… similar to an underground sprinkler system. And similar to underground sprinkler systems, once you’ve used one you can’t imagine returning to the old way of doing things”

Exploitation Manager ( Oil and Gas Company )

Aucerna announced in February 2017 that it has successfully completed a Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Audit Type II examination for their enersight Petroleum Planning & Economics Software as a Service System.

Aucerna completed the SOC 2 Type I examination for enersight software in January 2016.