Make Better and More Efficient Business Decisions on Data You Can Trust

PlanningSpace™ is a next generation, cloud-based planning and economics platform for the upstream E&P industry.

PlanningSpace software enables companies to execute a ‘Living Business Plan’, providing instant data from all departments, spontaneous collaboration and feedback loops that minimize risk and exposure. It connects people, tools and processes, and acts as the source of truth for corporate-wide planning.

PlanningSpace uses a single open database structure, infinitely extendable and seamlessly connected with third party tools and data sources. Powerful data management, collaboration and control functionality ensures your input data is correct and trustworthy, prior to planning and modeling.

PlanningSpace delivers enterprise-level petroleum economic evaluation and fiscal modeling. Economists can perform reliable and repeatable analysis using proprietary models or by using Aucerna Regimes - Aucerna’s world-class global fiscal regime library.

Customized Data Entry

Customized Data EntryAccelerate planning with flexible and powerful customized data entry documents, hierarchical data access, document history audit and version comparisons. PlanningSpace is fully customizable with out of the box configurations.

Quickly evaluate data to spot trends, changes, and possible errors. Aucerna PlanningSpace provides an intuitive way to view your portfolio at any stage of the planning process.

Powerful Economic Analysis

Third Party System Integration

Easily analyze and compare multiple cases, price forecasts and tax and royalty assumptions along with other scenarios such as delays and overruns. Configurable user views let you conduct economic metric analysis and visual scenario comparison with ease and export the results to Excel™ for sharing or future analysis.

Quickly assess the value drivers within ring fences by deriving the true incremental value of new developments relative to baseline projects/assets. Running incremental economic analysis is streamlined with Aucerna’s petroleum economics software solution.

Economic Modeling & Evaluation

Economic EvaluationModel complex tax situations with company or country level tax recalculation. Model several assets in the same PSC with shared cost recovery and profit oil. Model situations where assets share facilities and have common economic limits. Create named ring-fence groups such as “tax” or “PSC Terms” for ease of selection.

Perform single-project analysis or group level calculations and reporting. PlanningSpace allows the entire organization to use common assumptions for modeling, pricing and discounting currency. Consolidate projects easily to generate a complete view of your portfolio of assets.

Business Data Workflows

Business Data WorkflowsPlanningSpace provides granular security and visibility control around data entry. Visibility and access to data is controlled at any level, and inbuilt versioning and approval workflows ensure that changes and access to data is effectively managed. PlanningSpace enables companies to accelerate planning cycles, perform scenario and portfolio planning, remove data errors and audit calculations.

Combine oil and gas project and asset level data in order to create a complete view of the entire portfolio. Make changes and investigate new scenarios to view the impact on your economic indicators in real time and make the most of every dollar.

Automated business workflows provide approval and control of data throughout the business planning process.

Reporting & Data Analysis

Reporting and Data Analysis

PlanningSpace by Aucerna delivers powerful reporting and visualization functionality for in-depth data analysis.

Aucerna Fiscal Regime Library

Aucerna has developed a comprehensive suite of fiscal models covering 180 regimes in over 120 countries. These have accompanying guides to explain and describe the details of the fiscal terms. This standard structure and format will help the user to follow the Aucerna models or easily build their own bespoke models.

“We have access to two to five times more information now. We have fundamental insights into two critical areas: establishing an amount that should be paid for the merger or acquisition and an understanding of how the asset would blend with the company.”

Head of Strategy ( Large E&P Company )