Trusted to Manage
Billions of Barrels of Reserves

Aucerna Reserves, powered by petroLook™, is a fit for purpose corporate reserves management system for operators with complex operations and reserves management workflows. Aucerna Reserves is source agnostic, capturing reserves and resource estimates from volumetric calculations, reservoir simulations, economic engines and more.

Aucerna Reserves provides operators with comprehensive and flexible reserves workflows, analysis and reporting, integrating data from multiple sources across the organization to paint a complete picture of corporate reserves.

It is currently relied upon to manage billions of barrels of reserves in companies that range from small independents to international Super-Majors.

Reserves Management & Reporting System

Reserves Management and Reporting SystemA purpose-built reserves management and reporting system for the energy industry. Aucerna Reserves provides agile, accurate, timely, secure and repeatable reserves reporting and eliminates the potential for errors common in spreadsheet-based reserves reporting solutions.

Full Audit Trail & Compliance

Full Audit Trial

Aucerna Reserves aligns with internal company requirements and has the structure and security required to meet control and audit needs.

Aucerna Reserves enables companies to automate resource-intensive tasks, based on company business rules including auto-balancing, quality control reporting, and change record generation.

Reserves Reporting


Aucerna Reserves has the flexibility to support all company reporting requirements, internal and external; including government regulatory reporting.

Aucerna Reserves features both a historical Reserves Waterfall and a Future Resource Progression Chart. With Aucerna Reserves, all data is available for prompt analysis. Charts that took hours to produce in spreadsheets can be made in seconds. Aucerna Reserves includes over ninety standard reports.

In addition to Aucerna Reserves comprehensive application reporting, support for 3rd party reporting via OData allows for the integration and leveraging of a company’s existing reporting infrastructure.

Source Independent

Source IndependentAucerna Reserves is completely source agnostic. Capture reserves and resource estimates from:

  • volumetric calculations
  • reservoir simulations
  • economic engines
  • other sources, or via the system’s direct entry and editing

Data can be integrated and combined to support corporate resource management and reporting.

Comprehensive Security

Compressive SecurityAucerna Reserves has a robust, role-based application security model. Through the security interface, companies can limit a user’s or role’s access to the application, to any function, and to any subsets of the data. Aucerna Reserves uses Windows authentication and can be linked to a company’s active directories, allowing for security to be easily managed by a company’s IT department.

Reserves Change Approval Process

Reserves change Approval Process

Aucerna Reserves also contains a full reserves change approval process. Use Aucerna Reserves security to assign approval limits, based on a company’s current reserves process, providing users with the ability to approve reserves changes to a certain volume. Companies are able to define an approval definition to match their internally and externally mandated approval processes.

Choose to send e-mail notifications to colleagues through the Aucerna Reserves approval process when an asset or area has been approved or rejected.

Flexible Reconciliation Options

Flexible Reconciliation Options

Using company business logic, Aucerna Reserves will create the change records required to properly account for and track all internal and external resource changes.

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“Very intuitive application. It’s readily apparent what the users are doing and how the changes were made”

Reserves Stakeholder ( Leading Global Resources Co. )
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“Our quarterly reserves reconciliation went from over 2 weeks to under 4 hours”

Reserves Manager ( Major Independant E&P Company )