Make the most Competitive Decisions
at Every Stage of Asset Development

Enersight™ by Aucerna is a comprehensive, integrated system for late-stage asset development and operational planning.

Enersight equips asset planners to rigorously model and evaluate development options to reach asset goals. It integrates timing and operational constraints into field development modeling, to deliver accurate and achievable development plans.

It was built to help asset level planners, engineers and economists make the right decisions with accurate data and defensible field development models.

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Unified Asset Development System

Unified Asset Development System

Provide all multidisciplinary teams, including reservoir, marketing, production and finance, shared access to development plans, latest estimates, budgets and roll-up reports based on actual multi-source data, current operations and scheduling. Factor in more variables, dependencies and risks than any other system, to produce detailed planning models that are defensible, auditable and fully incorporate constraints and downtime.

Surface Network Modeling

Surface Network ModellingEnersight features a powerful, visual surface network modeling interface, allowing asset planners to easily visualize their development opportunity. Visual modeling supports fast decisions including quick comparisons of development options at the asset level and drill-in to fields, wells and facilities.

Accurate Production Forecasts

Accurate Production Forecasts

Enersight integrates operations activity schedules with plan modeling. When operations shift, forecasts are updated. You always know where you are at with production and budgets. Create detailed production and economic forecasts, track actual performance against short and long-term plans and foresee future issues and opportunities before they become factors.

Production constraints & curtailments are fully considered including type curves, well counts, locations, rig and resource availability, seasonal restrictions, gathering infrastructure, pad sequence and facility capacity limits.

Comprehensive Activity Scheduling

Comprehensive activity scheduling

Equip your teams with one comprehensive tool to build schedules, visualize current activities and easily make updates. See the effect of schedule changes on production start dates and volumes and stay confident in production schedules and estimates.

Secure, Cloud Based Solution

Secure, Cloud Base SolutionEnersight is delivered as a highly scalable cloud-based computing platform with high availability and dependability. Users access Enersight via a web browser anywhere, any time with the benefit of expert support.

Enersight is a pure web application and can run on most client browsers. Zero install required. Calculations are done on the server cluster for maximum performance and access to huge computing resources. Enersight is also highly secure, leveraging a highly segregated hosting environment that only hosts the application.

There are no direct connections to other networks and all communications require high-level encryption. Enersight is SOC2 compliant, undergoing an annual third-party audit to ensure that its technology, design and operations continue to achieve our service commitments and warrant the trust you place in us to store your data.

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“We use enersight because we do not want to spend our time putting out fires and reacting to unforeseen circumstances. We want to be able to make deliberate and carefully measured decisions.”

Chris Miller ( VP of Strategic Planning, CONSOL Energy )

Aucerna announced in February 2017 that it has successfully completed a Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Audit Type II examination for their enersight Petroleum Planning & Economics Software as a Service System.

Aucerna completed the SOC 2 Type I examination for enersight software in January 2016.