Understand the trade-offs
between plans and scenarios

PetroVR is a full cycle asset exploration and development simulation system for the modern energy industry. It enables petroleum engineers and planners to understand the risks and rewards of various technical development options while considering the impact of multiple resource constraints. PetroVR provides E&P companies with a simple and intuitive way to visualize, understand and communicate the trade-offs related to major asset level decisions.

Powerful Simulation Engine

Powerful Simulation EnginePetroVR’s unique stochastic simulation engine, featuring a discrete event simulator, enables users to visualize system-wide constraints and scheduling, reveal risk and uncertainty, pinpoint value and accelerate to production. With PetroVR, planners can see every entity in their project including reservoir fluids, wellbores, well completions, and facilities, over a long period of time. With clear insight into the entire asset, planners can easily identify risk, reveal hidden value and understand real decision trade-offs.

Advanced Scenario Planning Capabilities

Advanced Scenario Planning CapabilitiesPetroVR features Monte Carlo, risking, optimization and advanced scenario planning capabilities for the more complex needs of asset level planning, from exploration to development. PetroVR empowers teams to capture and understand uncertainties by simulating the entire project over a long time span. Project schedules, production profiles, economic metrics and risk analysis are modeled using popular sensitivity tools and Monte Carlo analysis.

Asset to Corporate Planning Workflows

Thermal ModelingPlanningSpace integration enables greater synergies between Asset and Corporate planning teams. The interoperability and connectivity connects your teams further by giving them enhanced capabilities to seamlessly publish from PetroVR to PlanningSpace Dataflow. As well as have greater control of inputs and outputs when using shared economic models with PlanningSpace Economics.

Thermal Modeling

Thermal ModelingModel steam-oil ratio (SOR) to pinpoint scheduling and financial risks and decision trade-offs inherent in complex thermal recovery systems and reveal the impact of capital investment, schedule uncertainties, fuel and other operational costs.

PetroVR provides modelers with simple graphics of key comparisons and ratios including energy balance shown as oil rate to cold water equivalent (CWE) of steam injection and the steam oil ratio. PetroVR features a number of thermal modeling objects including:

  • Well Schedule for Unconventional Declines
  • Steam Injection Facility
  • Steam Injection Well
  • Power Production
  • Well Patterns
  • Heating Well
  • Power Plant
  • Steam Plant
  • Refinery
For Unconventional

PetroVR can be tailored for the unique challenges of unconventional oil and gas resources plays. It provides development planning and production optimization tools for the expanded value chains required in many unconventional oil and gas resources.

For Conventional

PetroVR delivers petroleum exploration risk and uncertainty modeling for conventional and EOR/IOR projects. PetroVR has led the way in replacing spreadsheet-based modeling with a powerful business simulation approach to upstream E&P risk and uncertainty modeling.

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"Most recently we did a large project on an acquisition that had been historically influenced by issues we were not really able to quantify. What we did with PetroVR is capture those issues and quantify the effects in terms of scheduling and costs."

Team Lead ( Major Oil Company )