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AFE Management

The Aucerna solution for AFE Management is the industry’s leading AFE Management platform. It features a complete, integrated capital management and tracking system that connects operations and accounting teams for crystal clear visibility into project spending. Today, more than 100 companies and thousands of users employ Aucerna solutions to manage billions of dollars of AFEs.


Streamline the AFE Process From Creation to Approval

AFE Management
Capabilities & Benefits

Integrated AFE Management and Workflows

Today, more than 100 companies and thousands of teams employ Aucerna to manage billions of dollars of AFEs. 

• Streamline the AFE process from creation through approval
• Quickly generate AFEs configured to business rules
• Review and approve any type of AFE from one tool
• Significantly shorten time to approval
• Eliminate bottlenecked, incomplete and erroneous AFEs
• Link to and attach supporting documents
• Approve AFEs using smart phones or any mobile device
• Ensure all AFEs follow corporate requirements

Integrated Seamlessly with Existing Enterprise Systems

Aucerna's solutions for AFE Management can be used for AFE creation and approvals and with our integrated approach,  data can be integrated with:

• Accounting software – whether Excalibur™, JDE™, SAP™, Qbyte™ or others. AFE master data (such as AFE type, partner and working interest, estimate amount and AFE number) is sent to accounting systems to decrease redundant data entry and avoid errors

• Actuals are imported to provide AFE owners visibility into spending

• Drilling and well management systems – such as WellView® and SiteView®

• Proprietary data – Oracle / SQL server or any CSV 

• Electronically exchange AFEs with partners through AFE Link

Custom Notification and Reminder Emails

Do your approver's want to know more relevant details about an AFE before they log in to act on it? Do you have key stakeholders who want to be kept informed of the status of an AFE  but don’t need to be involved in the full approval chain? With Aucerna you can: 

• Build new email notifications to ensure that all stakeholders are kept in the loop on AFE's that impact them

• Get real-time alerts on updates to AFE's, no matter your role in the workflow

• Enjoy fully customizable criteria for what triggers an alert, who receives it, and what’s included in the email

• Configure and schedule email summaries to inform people – even non-approvers – of the status of ongoing AFE's

• Eliminate the extra work of manually running reports and emailing them to colleagues

75% Faster Approvals

In addition to improving spending controls and avoiding cost overruns, companies who use Aucerna's AFE Management solution report significantly faster approval times for authorizations for expenditure – as much as 75 percent faster!

Find out how Aucerna can help you gain transparency and trust in your numbers so you know exactly where you stand every day of the year. Prepare your business today for growth tomorrow.