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Readiness Workflows

Aucerna's Readiness Workflow solution features a complete, integrated capital management and tracking system that helps project teams take control over RTD (request to drill) / pre-drill approval workflows.

Aucerna enables you to systematically assemble and manage all the information, approvals and documentation necessary to submit a drilling license application. After licensing, roll RTD information into the AFE workflow to carry you from pre-drill stages, to drilling and completions, and operations.


Take Control Over your Request to Drill / Pre-Drill Readiness

Readiness Workflows
Capabilities & Benefits

Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborate enterprise-wide by connecting information across multiple departments. Allow team members across disciplines such as geology, land, engineering, H&S, to efficiently collect and vet pre-drill information.

Flexibile Workflow and Business Rules

Define workflow and business rules for any readiness workflow that can be completely customized to work in any jurisdiction. Ensure that required data elements are properly filled in, and that the right people are involved in the process at the right time. Vastly reduce the amount of rework required due to missing or incomplete information.

Custom Notifications and Reminder Emails

Do you have key stakeholders who want to be kept informed of the status of an RTD  but don’t need to be involved in the full approval chain? With Aucerna you can:

• Build new email notifications to ensure that all stakeholders are kept in the loop on RTD's that impact them.

• Get real-time alerts on updates to RTDs, no matter your role in the workflow

• Enjoy fully customizable criteria for what triggers an alert, who receives it, and what’s included in the email

• Configure and schedule email summaries to inform people – even non-approver's – of the status of ongoing RTD's 

• Eliminate the extra work of manually running reports and emailing them to colleagues.