Planning Solutions

Aucerna Planning Solutions deliver complete asset to corporate work-flows for integrated planning across your entire organization, providing planners and senior executives with accurate, timely data to support key decisions.

Aucerna Planning solutions enable asset teams to produce accurate production forecasts, economic evaluations and defensible development scenarios that fully consider timing, fiscal and operational constraints. Planning teams can quickly evaluate exploration and development options, or rapidly adapt existing plans as market and field level realities shift.

Asset level scenarios are seamlessly integrated with corporate focused planning tools, facilitating portfolio wide financial analysis, strategy development capital allocation across operations of any type, region or maturity.

Make better business decisions, based on data you can trust.

Planning Solutions
Integrated Workflows

Strategy & Decision Analysis

Capture investment opportunities at any stage of development with the technical data planners need. Mature opportunities until they are ready for execution and ready to be included in your business plan.

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Business Planning

Gain a comprehensive, accurate view of overall asset development. Quickly evaluate development options to reach asset goals. Develop detailed planning models of complex flow networks ranging from 10 – 10,000 wells that are defendable, auditable, and fully incorporate constraints and downtimes. Production constraints & curtailments, and economic factors are fully considered. The visual interface provides an intuitive project view for faster company-wide decisions including quick comparisons of development options.

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Exploration & Appraisal Risk

Aucerna Exploration and Risk Appraisal is the energy industry’s leading solution for early-stage asset planning, evaluation and risk assessment.

Our solution is for exploration managers, business development and portfolio & strategy groups looking to extract the maximum value out of their company’s constrained exploration budget, perform long term planning processes or looking to drive a prospect maturation process.

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Asset Development

Empower teams to capture and understand key, unresolved uncertainties that will influence decision making around long-term development strategy. Simulate the entire life of projects including operational schedules, production profiles, economic metrics and risk to understand tradeoffs and inform major asset investment decisions.

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Petroleum Economics

Understand how risk and uncertainty will affect your ability to succeed. Improve the probability of meeting strategic goals by quantifying the downside exposure for all critical metrics within a given strategy.

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Technical Forecasting

Assess M&A deals including timing, debt metrics and market variability in asset performance. Evaluate how an asset will blend with the company, trade-offs and the impact on cash flow.

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