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Exploration and Appraisal Risk

Aucerna Exploration and Risk Appraisal is the energy industry’s leading solution for early-stage asset planning, evaluation and risk assessment.

Our solution is for exploration managers, business development and portfolio & strategy groups looking to extract the maximum value out of their company’s constrained exploration budget, perform long term planning processes or looking to drive a prospect maturation process.

Extract Maximum Value From Your Exploration Portfolio

Exploration and Appraisal Risk
Capabilities & Benefits

Exploration Risk and Uncertainty Modeling

Aucerna is leading the way in replacing spreadsheet-based modeling with a powerful business simulation approach to upstream E&P risk and uncertainty modeling. Using our solution, teams can understand the answers to questions such as:

• What are they key value drivers for my opportunity?
• What are the major risks and how should we manage them?
• What can we do to mitigate major risks?
• How large should a facility be based on subsurface and upstream uncertainty?
• How fast should we develop our field?
• How will we determine the value of information for decisions?
• And more.

Powerful Simulation Engine

Our unique simulation engine, featuring a discrete event simulator, enables users to visualize system wide constraints and scheduling, reveal risk and uncertainty, and pinpoint potential value.

It empowers teams to capture and understand uncertainties by simulating the entire project over a long time span. Project schedules, production profiles, economic metrics and risk analysis are modeled using popular sensitivity tools and Monte-Carlo analysis.

Maintainable Models

Aucerna’s solution for Exploration and Risk Appraisal enables companies to build maintainable and auditable models that are simple, modular and easier to understand than large and complex spreadsheets.

Complex Exploration Projects

With Aucerna Exploration and Risk Appraisal, analysts can account for inter-dependencies on complex exploration projects, such as Deep-water Exploration, and tackle all the decision dynamics as different options are evaluated.

Our solution integrates decision support tools across development planning, economic modelling, and risk analysis, over the full scope of projects. Reservoirs, wells and facilities are all inter-connected. It includes intuitive process flow diagrams describing the network architecture and fluid flow. Schedules denote key exploration, appraisal and development decisions and activities. Inter-dependencies reveal facility capacity constraints and other critical factors.

Portfolio Commercial Analysts ( Major oil company )

Compared to a simplistic program, PetroVR allows me to put in a logic so that when the planning model is reworked because a volume estimate or cost parameter changes, I can revive it quickly. My manager find it very helpful that I can re-run a model in less than 24 hours rather than days.

Exploration and Appraisal Risk Solution
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