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Petroleum Economics

Aucerna Petroleum Economics is an enterprise level software and data solution for petroleum economic evaluation and fiscal modeling. With Aucerna, companies can perform reliable and repeatable analysis based on your proprietary models or Aucerna Regimes, Aucerna’s world class, global fiscal regime library.

Aucerna economics is completely integrated with your planning workflows. No time-consuming data transfers, means you can run complex scenarios in less time than before, and always know that your cash-flows are up to date as your plans evolve. Plan ahead with Aucerna’s solution for Petroleum Economics.

Conduct Reliable and Repeatable Petroleum Economic Analysis

Petroleum Economics
Capabilities & Benefits

Powerful Economic Analysis

Easily analyze and compare multiple cases, price forecasts, tax and royalty assumptions and other scenarios. Configurable user views let you conduct economic metric analysis and visual scenario comparison with ease and export the results to Microsoft Excel for sharing or future analysis.

Economic Evaluation

Run complex economic evaluations in less time. Calculate detailed project economic scenarios in minutes, instead of hours, with no time-consuming data transfers between software packages, so your cash flows stay up to date as your plans evolve.

Perform single-project analysis or group level calculations and reporting. Economic evaluation allows the entire organization to use common assumptions in regard to model, pricing and discounting.

Incremental Economics

Running incremental economic analysis is streamlined with Aucerna’s petroleum economics solution.

Quickly assess the value drivers within ring fence regimes of acquisitions by comparing new scenarios and model assumptions against baseline economic models.

Excel™ base Fiscal Models

Aucerna Petroleum economics offers built-in support for Excel™ based economic calculations and fiscal regimes:

  • Multi-node fiscal hierarchy supports independent fiscal models at multiple levels
  • Create as many calculations as required using native Excel™ formulas (no programming required)
  • Leverage transparent, and easy to follow calculations
  • Excel outputs provide full transparency into calculation flow for easy auditing and portability.
Robust Fiscal Regime Library

Aucerna has developed a comprehensive list of guides to explain and clarify the terms of over 100 countries. This simple to understand format with clear guidelines will help the user to quickly and easily build fiscal models for economic analysis.

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Fiscal Guide

Aucerna has a library of fiscal guides, outlining the terms of various global fiscal regimes, available for our customers through the Aucerna customer support team. Contact us to request access.