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Technical Forecasting

Aucerna’s Technical Forecasting solution delivers integrated Decline Curve Analysis, type curve analysis, Analog Forecasting™, cross-plots, gas material balance, and volumetric analysis within one tool for the energy industry.

Leveraged by hundreds of operators around the globe, our technical forecasting solution lets users rapidly assess economic potential under various scenarios, allowing bulk screening of wells to support precise A&D evaluation, competitor activity assessment, type well generation and more.

Rapidly Asses the Economic Potential of Your Assets

Technical Forecasting
Capabilities & Benefits

Fast and Accurate Assisted Forecasting

Our assisted forecasting algorithm makes light work of routine tasks, allowing teams to spend less time data mining and more time on in-depth analysis of large data-sets and trends.  Engineers can run assisted forecasts with confidence. Ninety percent of the time the wells require no change at all and the remaining 10 percent are easily identified and just require a quick tweak.

Economic Evaluation

Quickly define your scenarios without having to rebuild your cases, and run economic comparisons with ease, reducing turnaround time by as much as 90%. Simultaneously compare multiple scenarios and access break-even potentials. Run advanced economics models, including production sharing contracts, ring fences, common economic terminations, and more.

Decline Curve Analysis

Perform Decline Curve Analysis, type curve analysis, Analog Forecasting™, cross-plots, gas material balance, and volumetric analysis with one tool.

Aucerna's robust Type Curve Analysis is  based on the research of one of the world’s foremost experts, allowing you to do your engineering in a single program – no need to export to spreadsheets.

Whether tweaking a few assisted forecasts or updating previous reserve forecasts, the Aucerna decline approach is designed to get that perfect fit in seconds by reducing inefficiency associated with rejecting bad data, dragging curves and manually entering data. Custom graphs let you see data the way you like to find flow regimes with unconventional production or forecast to recoverable volumes.

Conventional Well Forecasting

Millions of wells require conventional forecasting techniques that come in the form of volumetric calculations, gas material balance, gas plant recovery and the integration of oil and water forecasts for waterfloods.

Our attention to detail and mouse clicks ensures your forecasts fit the recovery process and preserve your time for detailed analysis. Common data is easily copied to other wells.

Unconventional Well Forecasting

Aucerna is the leading researcher in understanding how to construct type wells to avoid the pitfalls associated with common averaging methods. Engineers can average scaled forecasts to reflect varying well length and incorporate aggregation effects to benefit from the uplift in reserve that comes with drilling more wells.

Probit plots are at your disposal to screen for outliers.

Unique Analog Forecasting™ is available to assist engineers when wells have too little production to effectively decline.

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“Value Navigator provides a platform that is a leap frog ahead in terms of software technology. It allows us to align practices and workflows internally, and to better coordinate planning processes and stakeholder engagement as we grow further into Unconventional Resource development.”

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