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Reserves Management

Aucerna’s solution for Reserves Management is a complete, corporate reserves life-cycle management system for operators with complex operations and reserves management workflows. It features the industry’s most powerful corporate reserves management software – Aucerna Reserves, powered by petroLook.  Today, Aucerna software is used to manage billions of barrels of reserves in companies ranging from small independents to international super majors.

Aucerna's solution for Reserves Management provides operators with comprehensive and flexible reserves workflows, analysis and reporting, integrating data from multiple sources across the organization to paint a complete picture of corporate reserves.


Paint a Complete Picture of Your Corporate Reserves

Reserves Management
Capabilities & Benefits

Reserves Management

Use our secure, managed environment for collaboration and controlled access. Configure multi-level approval workflows, assign tasks and automate email notifications in a process designed for your own organizational needs. Add and track manual change records with full control over access permissions, and lock down reconciliations once balanced and approved.

Reserves Reconciliation

Proactively document your reserves changes and report fully at any point in the lifecycle for a complete picture of corporate reserves. Integrated, auditable change record capture lets you balance your reserves as any changes are made.

Reserves Categorization and Classification

Easily establish decision rules for reserves classification. User-defined security, structured inputs and easily-followed, rigorous workflows ensure you are following controlled processes and working within reserves categorizations from the beginning.

Corporate Reserves Reporting

Flexible and customizable reporting lets you collate results for various audiences and corporate requirements.  Aucerna's solution offers over 100 reports including technical, economic, risk and built-in reserves reporting capability for SEC, PRMS, NI 51-101 and more. Get a complete picture of your asset and see your data the way you want within a single view for data validation, comprehension and discovery.

Integrated Planning and
Reserves Management

Corporate Portfolio Modeling & Analysis

Aucerna offers the industry’s most complete end to end solution for integrated Planning, Execution and Reserves, providing you with a unified view of all assets resulting in increased efficiency and more informed decisions.

  • Quantify the current and future value of assets and their ability to deliver growth
  • Evolve reserves management from a regulatory reporting activity to a key part of the strategic forecasting & planning process
  • Gain transparency, traceability and auditability from technical evaluation through corporate planning to reserves reporting
  • Understand the impact of different planning scenarios on the future value of reserves
  • Link company investment plans to the reserves strategy commitments made to shareholders
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“Very intuitive application. It’s readily apparent what the users are doing and how the changes were made”

Reserves Stakeholder ( Leading Global Resources Co. )
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“Our quarterly reserves reconciliation went from over 2 weeks to under 4 hours”

Reserves Manager ( Major Independant E&P Company )